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The BlastGARD™ Advantage

  • Helps hold razor sharp glass intact, diminishing deadly flying shards.
  • Installation is performed by certified technicians with minimal disruption to your facility.
  • Affordability – Offers up to 70% savings over ballistic-rated glass.
  • Limited lifetime warranty covers both materials and labor.
  • Optically clear or energy saving privacy films available.

BlastGARD™ Provides Protection
Originally developed as a shield against bomb blasts and industrial explosions, BlastGARD™ safety film adheres directly to the interior of the windowpane while maintaining the overall integrity of the glass surface. Our blast mitigation film is incredibly strong, yet flexible enough to absorb shock waves; cushioning and dispersing the impact to the windowpane and frame.

For decades, terrorists and extremist groups have known that explosive devices and unprotected glass form a lethal combination. Security experts report that more than 3,000 small bombs are exploded each year in the United States: this number is expected to increase. Statistically, 50 percent of the injuries sustained during an explosion are glass related in nature--flying shards have traveled 3/4 of a mile away from the initial blast zone, endangering pedestrians and inflicting collateral damage to neighboring structures.

In addition to concerns over terrorist attacks, building owners and managers are looking for affordable solutions to protect employees of processing plants, factories, and refineries from the effects of flying glass during accidental explosions.

Whether intentional or inadvertent, blasts are devastating in terms of property destruction and risk to human life. Sadly, additional losses occur as fallen glass leave buildings unprotected from Mother Nature and opportunistic looters.

BlastGARDmitigates the effects of an explosion



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