BurglarGARD Stops Intruders in their Tracks

BurglarGARD™ optically clear film is applied directly to the showcase glass defending against smash and grab crime.

According to the FBI's Unified Crime Report, upwards of 70 % of all burglaries involve forced entry through a window or door. Treating your windows with BurglarGARD™ glass protection film will dramatically decrease the likelihood of an intruder entering your home or business.




Consider the following real life scenario:

It’s 1 am and your family is sound asleep. As usual, you’ve made certain your doors are locked and the alarm is set. A short while later, you suddenly awaken to repeated banging and realize as the alarm sounds that a burglar is attempting to gain access to your residence. Within minutes local police are on-scene and the burglar has disappeared. Though your BurglarGARD™ treated windowpanes have taken a severe beating, they are still intact.

A few days later while reading the local newspaper you discover that at 1:30 that same morning an intruder successfully broke into the neighborhood convenience store (likely the same perpetrator). Despite their alarm blaring, the thief simply shattered the untreated windowpanes and was able to steal over $6,000 worth of merchandise in fewer than four minutes.

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After repeated strikes with a baseball bat the window shown above treated with BurglarGARD™ finally broke.   But the glass remained intact.

An alarm system is a critical part of any business or residential security plan: however an alarm sounds only after a break-in has occurred. BurglarGARD™ glass protection film was designed to stop the would-be intruder in their tracks by reducing the likelihood of window penetration. BurglarGARD™ works in conjunction with your existing alarm system - preventing the intruder from gaining entrance in the first place, as well as significantly slowing down the attempt, and giving police ample time to respond.

Applied directly to the interior side of the windowpane, BurglarGARD™ works like an invisible coat of armor, strengthening the weakest security link– the glass. BurglarGARD™ offers a significant improvement over standard or tempered glass in its ability to withstand an attack from weapons such as a baseball bat, flying rocks, or even a brick. Our film was engineered to defend against the most violent of blows. While a criminal may muster enough force to shatter the window, it will require repeated (and attention getting) blows to penetrate the virtually indestructible film. Generally, the burglar will not risk the time needed to break through and will abandon the attempted burglary.

That’s the BurglarGARD™difference.


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