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Partial Client List


Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)

America Online

The Jimmy Carter Presidential Center

Wells Fargo Center

Kaiser Permanente Hospitals

U.S. Naval Consolidated Brig

U.S. Barbers Point Naval Center

U.S. Naval Defense Depot (Korea)

Pope Air Force Base

U.S. Military Fleet Center (Japan)

Naval Post Graduate Academy

The Frederick Douglas Museum

U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center

VoiceStream Wireless

Department of Army (Korea)

AT & T Wireless

United States Department of Interior

Zales Jewelers

Equistar Chemicals

Hollywood Video

American Armor

Borders Books

Mitsubishi Motors

Ms. Fields Cookies

Kings Daughter Medical Center

United States Postal Services

Commercial Federal Bank

Qwest Communications


Cash America

Hill Air Force Base

Blackberry Police Department

Cooper University Hospital

Goose Creek Police Department

New York City Office of Public Safety

First Bank

Kalamazoo Police Department

Public Museum of Grand Rapids

United States Secret Service

Hershey's Chocolate Company

Harley-Davidson Motor Company

The London Police Dept.

Nationwide Security Inc.

Hawthorne Army Depot

Philadelphia Eagles Football Stadium

Cole Taylor Bank

Supreme Court of Ohio

Toole Army Depot

Troy Police Department

St. Elizabeth Hospital

Camp Pendleton U.S. Military Base

Citgo Petroleum

U.S. Naval Undersea Academy

McCormick Spices

U.S. Dept. Of Air Force

U.S. Naval Oceanography Center

Murietta CA Police Dept

California Poppy Reserve

CSX Rail Road

Marriot Hotels

Hoover Dam

Harmon Glass

California Pizza Kitchen

LA County Sheriffs Prison

Northern Tool

Starbucks Coffee

McClane Food Services

Tennessee 911 Police Call Center

Air National Guard

Bank of America


Verizon Cellular

Radford Army Ammunition Plant

Edward Jones Investments

Saint Francis Hospital

Sony of America

York Water Authority

Orlando Police Department

American Stock Exchange

Monticello Nuclear Power Plant

Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport

Bureau of Public Debt

U.S. Naval Air Station

Cape Fear Behavioral Center

U.S. Naval Fleet Center

U.S. Army Fort Monmouth

U.S. Armory



Empire Limousine

Luther Midelfort Hospital

Deutsch Bank

Western Archaeological Conservation

U.S. Army Camp Stanley

Lubbock Police Dept.

Beale Air Force Base

John Hopkins University

Ritz Carlton Hotels

Dept. Of Homeland Security

Wright - Patterson Airforce Base

Kalamazoo Sheriff Dept.

Jones Lang LaSalle Management

USDA Forest Services

Rock Valley Police Department

Marietta Museum

Whiteman Air Force Base

Edwards Air Force Base

U.S. Military Camp Anaconda

Museum of Natural History

NASA- Marshal Space Flight Center

Northeastern PA Police Department

St. Jude Apostle School

Air Touch Cellular

Birch Telecom

Transoceanic Marine

Exelon Nuclear Plant

The Federal Public Defenders Office of Oklahoma

U.S. Coast Guard


U.S. Steel

The Naval Undersea Warfare Division

Lansing Police Department

U.S. Defense District Depot

The Wiz

United Parcel Services (UPS)

Sam Nunn Federal Center Atlanta

Omni Hotels

Washington DC, Jewish Community Center

Harbor Financial Center

Nathan Tufts Park Museum

Equity Offices Property Management

PNC Bank

Norfolk Dedham Insurance

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Kentucky Center for the Arts

Quest Communications

Graland County Day School

The Denver Federal Center

Bank of Leumi

Richard Lewis Architects

Lafayette Police Department

East Jefferson General Hospital

Northrop Grumman

Contra Costa County Police Dept.

Diversified Data Systems

The Department Of Defense

Biggs Army Airfield

Pennsylvania Higher Learning

The Federal Law Enforcment Training Center

Best Buy

Nova Chemicals

Kings Bay U.S. Submarine Base

Seymour Johnson Air Force Base

Warner Robins Air Force Base

El Cajon Police Department

Lackland Air Force Base

Fort Polk Army Base

Balad Air base

AIG Insurance