VehicleGARD vs. Theft, Vandalism and Violence

VehicleGARD protects our troops from the lethal combination of explosions and deadly flying glass. And now for the first time, the same Combat Ready Solution (CRS) applied to over 5,000 military vehicles is available to you.


Creates a strong protective shield
Prevents deadly flying glass
Defends againsts thieves, assailants and terrorists
Customized self-installed peel & stick kits
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 Complete Kit Includes
Pre-cut patterns match OEM specifications
All required installation tools
Interactive Installation CD

Untreated glass offers little or no protection against terrorism, riot situations and random acts of violence. And with scores of vehicle injuries and fatalities the direct result of flying glass, the military, police, corporations and even families are seeking cost-effective ways to increase vehicle security, safety and peace of mind.


Enlisted by the Military. Recruited by Law Enforcement. Protecting Civilians.
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Saving countless military lives and defending our men and women in blue, VehicleGARD has repeatedly earned its place in the combat zone, the law enforcement arena and is now available for civilians.


Carjacking, Theft and Vandalism
VehicleGARD prevents carjackings of politicians, civilians, CEOs and celebrities. When attacked, our glass protection film provides the precious seconds needed to escape danger. VehicleGARD may even lower your insurance rates.

The danger of shattered glass goes beyond terrorist and riot activities. With carjacking crimes more violent then ever, victims are often left seriously hurt or fatally wounded from the attack and deadly shards of flying glass.

In the unlikely event that the glass is broken, VehicleGARD holds all the pieces together, protecting occupants from injury, as well as denying entry to a potential thief or assailant.

Until now a car alarm system was the only way to fight vehicle crime. But today most people will ignore the sound of a blaring car alarm, assuming it is simply another pesky false alarm. This leaves vehicles vulnerable to theft or vandalism.


Why VehicleGARD Glass Protection Films?

One way to prevent vehicle crime and shattered glass from injuring occupants is to install ballistic-rated glass. While effective, ballistic glass has major drawbacks:

 Glass will yellow or distort over time
 Weight of vehicle is significantly increased
 Installation is cost-prohibitive
 Installation is extremely difficult
 Windows are no longer operational

In comparison to ballistic glass, VehicleGARD is an easy "peel and stick" installation, costs up to 75 percent less, allows windows to easily roll up and down and offers extraordinary protection for virtually any vehicle.

VehicleGARD also eliminates spalling, which occurs when a bullet hits the glass and the glass becomes a white powder. Inhalation can be fatal.

Now Customized for Easy Self-installation
Self-Installed Kits from $399.00

Whether you’re in the desert storms of Iraq or the comfort of your own garage, you can easily and quickly apply VehicleGARD with no mess or odor using our new peel and stick kits. Now, ShatterGARD’s exclusive worldwide database of thousands of military, law enforcement and civilian window patterns combined with our new patent-pending technology, precisely cuts the film to the exact size of your vehicle’s windows. Each kit includes an instructional video and application tools ensuring a proper fit even for a novice. VehicleGARD’s pressure-sensitive adhesive allows sufficient time to properly adjust and position the film on the glass. Professional installation is available upon request. Call or E-mail for Fleet Discounts


Additional Benefits

Installation of VehicleGARD film offers additional benefits as well. The film is optically clear, distortion free, and filters up to 98% of harmful UV radiation, protecting vehicle interiors and sensitive equipment. Tinted versions of the film provide privacy and can reduce glare and heat infiltration by up to 45%. The product is scratch resistant and will not yellow or distort over time. In addition, the film carries a 10 year limited warranty.



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